Designer Radiators for Modern Kitchens

Kitchen Designer Radiators

Finding a modern designer radiator for your kitchen is a great way to add value and style to the room. People often underestimate how much a contemporary radiator or heater can add to the overall look and feel of an interior which is unfortunate considering how many great designs there are out there. From dark … [Read more…]

Lovely Kitchen Pieces

A larger kitchen often functions as the family dining room too, and with lots of space you can really make it your own. The heart of your home should be welcoming, warm and comfortable, and it is easy to create this ideal with the right kitchen pieces. From the kitchen units to the shelving, the … [Read more…]

Kitchen Lighting

We’ve talked previously about various ways that you can make your kitchen look chic, stylish and elegant whilst still being really practical. We’ve talked about storage ideas, budget design tips and given you some inspiration for how to improve your kitchen. One thing we haven’t talked about though is kitchen lighting, which can easily alter … [Read more…]

Budget Interior Tips for your Kitchen

It is all very well talking about fantastic kitchen interiors with beautiful home ranges, kitchen islands and fancy crockery, but sometimes and the space just isn’t there for these kinds of grandiose decorating ideas. For example, custom-made Italian marble flag stones for that designer edge will cost more than your standard kitchen unit set! To … [Read more…]

Kitchen Storage Ideas

As we’ve mentioned before here, not all of us are blessed with huge kitchen where we can fit in a kitchen island as well as multiple drawers and cupboards with ease. Sometimes that can be a bit of a pain though, especially when we are dreaming of a stylish and elegant kitchen with loads of … [Read more…]

Beautiful Kitchen Interiors

It is said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and it is true that it is one of the most important rooms. Everybody has to eat, and whether you live alone, with a partner, a family or a collection of pets, the kitchen is where the food preparation and eating happens. Not … [Read more…]