Beautiful Kitchen Interiors

It is said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and it is true that it is one of the most important rooms. Everybody has to eat, and whether you live alone, with a partner, a family or a collection of pets, the kitchen is where the food preparation and eating happens. Not only do we generally spend a lot of time in the kitchen, it is also one of those rooms that is also a pretty good showcase for your home. Most visitors to your home for example will see your kitchen so it should be in a style that you like, that is both practical and functional, whilst still being beautiful. Every one obviously has their own interior design style, but if you are seeking a bit of inspiration to vamp up your kitchen, then check out some beautiful kitchen interiors right here.

For a charmingly old-fashioned looking kitchen that still has all of the modern conveniences that you could need, this one is lovely. The simple white walls show that you don’t always have to favour the more expensive half-tiled look to achieve a luxurious look, and the large floor tiles are a beautiful peachy shade. If you are on a budget, don’t be afraid to use linoleum flooring; they are really good these days and can look just as good as tiles, not to mention they are easy to keep clean. Two things really stand out in this picture to make it a beautiful kitchen. Firstly, the kitchen island which is the favourite of TV chefs. This one is nothing fancy, yet is still elegantly chic and gives you more room for food preparation. With the extra storage place hanging above it is a practical way to sort of extend your kitchen. The other thing is the practical Scandinavian drip-dry drying wrack that saves you the tedious chore of drying dishes by hand. This will also display your plates and crockery beautifully.

Not all of us are blessed with big kitchens, and often we have to make do with a narrow cubby-hole of a space that is just big enough for one person to cook and prepare food. This means that every single inch has to be functional, however, as this picture shows, with nifty planning, you can still make your tiny beautiful look beautiful. Since it is such a small space, you can be bolder with your use of colour for your cupboards, although white is also great to make it look bigger. Strategically placed shelving is your friend, as are rotating corner cupboards.

Finally for an over-the-top and fun kitchen look, this kitchen with its explosion of pink is gorgeous.  Thanks to only using pink highlights it actually remains really attractive and avoids looking like Barbie’s dream house kitchen. The cream is a great complimenting base colour, and the simple laminate flooring shows that this kitchen probably didn’t cost the earth to do. The display of crockery and china is old fashioned and kitschy and really gives this cute kitchen a cosy and homely vibe.

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