Kitchen Storage Ideas

As we’ve mentioned before here, not all of us are blessed with huge kitchen where we can fit in a kitchen island as well as multiple drawers and cupboards with ease. Sometimes that can be a bit of a pain though, especially when we are dreaming of a stylish and elegant kitchen with loads of surface area and cupboard space that is light, bright and airy. With a smaller kitchen it is true that it is more difficult to keep it uncluttered, but look at it this way, it is also easier and quicker to clean! You can avoid the overcrowded kitchen look with some nifty space saving storage ideas that will make your kitchen stylish and practical for you. Check out some of the best ideas right here.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, shelving really is your friend when it comes to small kitchens. Floor space is already neat thanks to your cupboards, large kitchen appliances like your fridge and oven, and of course your sink. If you are lucky, you will also have elevated cupboards as part of your kitchen set which are so handy in utilising that free wall space. However, it is always possible to squeeze in more shelving. Even the narrowest of spaces can afford to have a spice rack for example, and you can always hang things like knives from a magnetic strip, or even hang kitchen utensils from the ceiling in a corner. Every square inch is valuable in a small kitchen, so embrace it!

In the UK we have always stuck to our drying boards next to the sink, and in a small kitchen, chances are that you don’t have enough room for a washing machine. To save surface space and to help make your kitchen look less cluttered, why not embrace a drip-dry cupboard rack. These are popular in Scandinavian and in central Europe, and it’s not hard to see why. Instead of having to manually dry the washed dishes with a tea towel or to leave them out on a drying rack on the draining board, you can neatly pop them into a cupboard above the sink that has drying racks for shelves. It is the perfect way to avoid a cluttered and messy looking kitchen, whilst also meaning you have to put in minimal effort. It also means that you’ll gain back your draining board as more prep space.

Finally, to make the most of your cupboard space, make sure that all your corner cupboards are fitted with a rotating carousel and a double folded hinged door. Corner cupboards can be where kitchen things go on purpose to get lost, but with a carousel fitted, you can easily see and access all of your kitchen utensils. It just makes the difference from never using the cupboard since you can’t reach half of the stuff, to it being a practical place to store your baking tins for example. You can even check videos out online on how to fit one yourself, so it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

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