Budget Interior Tips for your Kitchen

It is all very well talking about fantastic kitchen interiors with beautiful home ranges, kitchen islands and fancy crockery, but sometimes and the space just isn’t there for these kinds of grandiose decorating ideas. For example, custom-made Italian marble flag stones for that designer edge will cost more than your standard kitchen unit set! To be realistic, it is not always possible to live out these Country Home fantasies, however luckily there are plenty of smaller things that you can do, add and change in your kitchen to give it a more designer look without completely breaking the bank. Remember that it is about your interior style too and that your opinion is the most important when it comes to whether you like it not. Read on to find out some easy budget tips to decorate your kitchen.

Skip the tiling

Whether it is on the floor or along the walls, while tiling can look great, it doesn’t come that cheap unless you are a dab hand at applying it yourself. For the walls, it can always be added at a later date when you have the money for it, but for the floor, unless you can afford to have it professionally done, then make life easy for yourself and skip it. Laminate flooring is a really popular kitchen flooring choice these days and can easily match the rest of your downstairs too. If you really do have your heart set on that tiled look though, why not go for linoleum flooring. Once a 1970s horror, these days it is a practical and great looking option that can really pull your kitchen together. It is easy to fit, easy to keep clean and easy to replace, making it the perfect style budget for you if you are on a budget.

Match your fabrics

You don’t always have to reach for the paint can and brush when you want to make home interior changes; sometimes it is the smaller accent things that can make the biggest difference. If you want to have an elegant and chic kitchen that looks pulled together without actually having to change the interior, then how about matching your fabrics. From oven mitts, to faux curtain pelmets, table cloths, aprons, chair cushions and more, you can really give your home a designer edge easily. If you are handy with a needle then you can always bulk buy fabric and make up some pieces for your kitchen. Or alternatively, you can always buy matching sets from good high street retailers such as Debenhams, who incidentally also sell material.

Change the handles

This is another supremely simple interior tip that is cheap yet can still help to improve the look of your kitchen. If you have a kitchen unit set and fancy a change but don’t have the money to completely replace it all, then simple change the handles. If it is a cheap unit, then often the handles will reflect this. Whereas if you change the handles for something a little more special, then you can really alter the design aspect of the units and your kitchen as well!

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