Kitchen Lighting

We’ve talked previously about various ways that you can make your kitchen look chic, stylish and elegant whilst still being really practical. We’ve talked about storage ideas, budget design tips and given you some inspiration for how to improve your kitchen. One thing we haven’t talked about though is kitchen lighting, which can easily alter the entire look of the room.

Many of us dream of having a light and airy kitchen with huge windows, and perhaps a French window leading out to our herb patch. Realistically though, in modern houses the kitchen is often in a corner with and those huge windows are probably much more modest. Don’t worry though, thanks to some beautiful lighting, you can easily turn your kitchen into a bright room that’s worthy of the most snazzy of TV cookery shows. Find out some of our favourite lighting for the heart of the home right here.

For a sleek and modern look that requires no dusting and won’t result in any cobwebs, get some ceiling kitchen lights. Particularly effective if you have a small kitchen where space is limited, these lights take up minimal space, yet will still be capable of lighting every corner of your kitchen thanks to their alternating swivel-head design. These types of lights are some of the most popular choices for kitchens these days since they look chic and modern, can be reasonably priced to suit any budget, and are pretty hygienic too. Shiny chrome is always going to look good in the kitchen, and the bright lighting they provide is really practical especially if the windows are a bit pokey.

If you have a larger kitchen that requires a bit more oomph and emphasis when it comes to the lighting, then some strung lowered lighting is the perfect option. As you can see by the photo above, this type of lighting is particularly useful hanging over the eating area or the preparation area. It has a sort of Scandinavian chic to it, and there are so many options to choose from when it comes to a low hanging light. From cheerful coloured metal numbers from IKEA, to minimalist naked light bulbs (designer ones of course) that can give the kitchen a modern and industrial look, a low hanging light is a great way to add some style to your kitchen. If you live in an older house with high ceilings, then this is a great way to make the room look more homely too.

If you have a kitchen that doesn’t have any natural light coming from windows, or say the windows are tiny and only make a small difference to the brightness of the room, then why not invest in a natural light ceiling panel. This lighting unit at first glance appears to be a skylight, but upon closer inspection it is doing a great job at creating natural light that makes the kitchen light, bright and airy. Although expensive, this type of lighting is investment, especially during those dark winter months, and will help make your kitchen look great!

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