Cheap and easy ways to add colour to your kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home (I would say the most important, but I may be slightly obsessed), and most of us spend a great deal of time there. Be it big or small, you won’t regret considering your kitchen as much more than a space to fry an egg or microwave a ready-meal. In many homes, the kitchen is a living space, where friends and family gather as meals and TV-evening-snacks are prepared. In your home, this room can be a pleasant space, one which encourages experimentation, warmth, therapeutic baking, and good times with your close ones.

Well-planned design and decoration are not only reserved to the living room or the entrance hall! They can also help you make the most of your kitchen and turn it into a lively, cosy, trendy space – basically, one where you want to spend time. Now, it’s not always easy to turn your kitchen around if you don’t like the way it looks (especially if, like me, you’re renting). Luckily, there are a few very simple decoration hacks, to help you spruce up the room, without any major DIY – and without spending a fortune. Let’s have a look at effortless ways to add colour and life to this essential space.

Paint some cupboards

It’s such a simple solution for adding colour to the kitchen! Opt for something a bit more interesting than grey or white, and stick some green, blue, or even red on your cupboard doors. You may also want to go for pastel tones, which will be easier to blend with the rest of your decor, and are sure to last long.

Admittedly, this may not be optimal for anyone renting (unless you have the landlord’s agreement). Worry not, there are plenty of other options…

Accessorise with colours

Just stick to a fail-proof design principle: keep the neutral background, and pop little splashes of colour to add life and interest. It could be repainted second-hand chairs, a vase, some utensil pots, a centrepiece… Simple, cheap, and landlord-friendly. You can choose a main colour and stick to it, add similar hues, or choose a harmonious palette of colours to play with.

Welcome plants into the kitchen


You can’t beat greenery to add life and nature to a decor! House plants and garden herbs will easily find their place in the kitchen. Don’t have much space? Set a little herb garden on the windowsill: it’s pretty, and you’ll always have fresh basil, sage or thyme on hand. You could also create a green wall, have hanging baskets, or use kitchen racks to attach little plant pots (I like the cheap steel racks from Ikea!)

Add some fresh flowers

Now there’s something bound to get the household in a good mood. I love flowers: they’re pretty, perfumed, and colourful. Good thing adding colour to the kitchen is exactly what we’re trying to do! Fresh flowers will brighten any space instantly.

No need to wait for a special occasion and for someone to buy you flowers. Every kitchen deserves flowers, so turn to your favourite florists in Galway and have some blooming goodness delivered from under 35€.

Paint the inside of your cupboards

If you don’t want to paint the outside doors, focus on the inside for a surprising splash of colour when you open the door! You could also skip the paint and stick some colourful printed tape on the shelf edges (now there’s another landlord-friendly tip!). The effect is even more elegant if your cupboards have glass doors.

Revamp your floor

Now stay with me here. I’m not talking about massive works to take the whole floor apart and replace it. Tired of your old vinyl flooring? You can find some special paint to hold on the surface and transform your kitchen in one go! Paint it plain, or use masking tape to create graphic patterns.

Or lay a colourful rug

The above option may not be ideal if you don’t own the home, sadly. If you have a little dining corner (or anywhere at a distance from the cooking space), lay a pretty rug, be it bohemian chic, geometric, pop… Go all out, and you’ll have a nice and unusual focus point for the room.

Let the crockery be funky

You can always use your crockery as the colour touch in your kitchen. Use what you have or get your hands on second-hand teapots, platters, plates or cups, and use appropriate paint to give them a bright, solid colour look. You can also get some Mod Podge and apply silk paper patterns for some unique and eye-catching platters and decorative crockery.


DIY some coasters or table mats

Get some cheap cork coasters or mats, and cover them in felt or fabric, with decorative ribbon or pompoms on the rims, for some unique and vibrant additions to your table!

Do you have any other ideas to add colour to your kitchen? If you haven’t tried any of these yet, give it a go! You’ll never see this space the same way again…

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